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Traditional Music Ensemble MCC027

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Traditional Chinese music fans will love this CD collection 15 of the most well-known classical music pieces played on traditional instruments. It's also a great selection for those who want to learn more about and enjoy the beauty of Chinese classical music.


  1. Moonlight of Spring River
  2. Purple Bamboo Tune
  3. Peacock Spreading Tail
  4. Dance of the Golden Snake
  5. De Sheng Ling
  6. Plum Blossom Melody
  7. Shavings of Wind
  8. Lamp of Picking Tea
  9. Spring of the Green Lake
  10. Boisterous Elation
  11. Dragon Boat Racing
  12. Lively and Vigorous
  13. Thunders in the Dry Season
  14. Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon
  15. The Moon Rises

CD, 15 Tracks
Item: Traditional Music Ensemble
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