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Four Masters of Chinese Music MCC029

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This CD collects Chinese classical music played by four masters of China: Min Huifen (Erhu), Lin Shicheng (Pipa), Ren Tong Xiang (Suona), Liu Mingyuan (Banhu). You will enjoy 10 music played by these four masters. Titles are in English and Chinese.


  1. The Moon's Reflection on the Er-Quan Spring
  2. Happy Year
  3. The Winter Duck Plays in the Water
  4. Raise the sedan
  5. Great Qi-Ban
  6. Flying Emblems in the Emerald Green
  7. Yue Tune
  8. Moon Night
  9. Xiang Yu the Conqueror Removes his Armore
  10. The Remarriage of Her-Sao

CD, 10 Tracks
Item: Four Masters of Chinese Music
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