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Suona Collection MCC031

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Here's a classic CD to introduce you to 14 popular Chinese Suona music, which is popular music for celebratory occasions such as Chinese New Year parties, weddings and other exciting events! The Suona is an ancient wind instrument, used in orchestral ensembles as well as for solos, and it has a big, bright, full sound.


  1. A Hundred Birds Paying Tribute to Phoenix
  2. Carrying the Bride
  3. Feng Yang Songs
  4. Lantern Festival
  5. Ha Ha Song
  6. One Flower
  7. Hit the Dates
  8. Open the Doors
  9. Ms. Li's Marriage
  10. Yue Opera
  11. Mu Lan Goes to the Army
  12. Sesame Officials
  13. Remember the Hometown
  14. Shandong Drum

CD, 14 Tracks
Item: Suona Collection
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