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Chi Gong - One Finger Ch'an Melody MCC034


This special composition has been developed in Mainland China by both the One Finger Chan Chi Gong Master Li Pei Hai and the famous composer Mr. Cheng Da Wei. The purpose is to lead the Chi Gong exerciser so they complete all the twelve motions of One Finger Chan Chi Gong sequentially, accompanied by the soothing music. This music soothes the body and invigorates the spirit, providing an excellent environment for any kind of Chi related practice or healing massage. To hear a sample clip, click here if you use Firefox.Click here if you use Internet Explorer.


  1. Chi Sze (Beginning Posture)
  2. Ma Po Chuang (Maintaining Two Feet in a Firm Position)
  3. Pan Tse Kong (Bending ten fingers)
  4. Shiang Pi Lan Yu (Holding the Moon with Two Arms)
  5. Shiang Shou Pao Chou (Bending Two Arms)
  6. Shin Tse Zou (Holding Two Hands in a Cross Position)
  7. Shien Jen Tse Ru (Making a Circle with Two Arms)
  8. Dan Fong Chou (Making Half Circle)
  9. Chang Hsin Kai Ho (Making Two Palms Face and Separate)
  10. Ro Han Chu Chiang (Pushing Two Arms Forward Slowly)
  11. Mo, La, Ya (Pulling and Pushing with Two Arms)
  12. Shou Sze (Ending Position)

CD, 12 Tracks
Item: Chi Gong - One Finger Ch'an Melody
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