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Chinese Classical Music Collection MCC050


This CD collects 13 most popular Chinese classical music played by different traditional instruments, including "Moonlit River in Spring," "Love Songs of Kangding," "Four Seaons Song," "Quite Lake and Autumn Moon," and more. A great collection to enjoy traditional Chinese music. Titles are in English and Chinese.


  1. Flower, moon and river in the spring night
  2. The lofty mountain and the flowing water 
  3. Ambushed at ten sides
  4. Birds singing in the hollow mountain
  5. Music of Guan Ling
  6. The autumn moon over Han palace
  7. The serene orchid meets spring
  8. Listen to the pines
  9. Suona horn
  10. The peaceful lake and the autumn moon
  11. The colorful clouds pursuing the moon
  12. Playing the string solely

CD, 13 Tracks
Item: Chinese Classical Music Collection
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