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The Sound of Silk and Bamboo - Jiangnan Sizhu MCC057


Jiangnan Sizhu or the "Sound of Silk and Bamboo" music originated south of the Yangtze River and consists of an ensemble of instruments with silk strings (pipa, erhu, zheng) and zhu bamboo instruments (bamboo flutes, dizi). This specific genre of chamber music is refined, elegant and graceful. For those seeking the deep-tones of resonance, Jiangnan Sizhu will truly be an enlightening experience. This CD features a collection of 5 musical pieces for you to enjoy!

CD Tracks:

  1. Huan Le Ge
  2. Zhong Hua Liu Ban
  3. San Liu 
  4. Yun Qing
  5. Xing Xie 

CD, 5 Tracks
Item: The Sound of Silk and Bamboo - Jiangnan Sizhu
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