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Sound of Silk and Bamboo from Rivertown MCC061

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Shui Xiang Sizhu or the "Sound of Silk and Bamboo from Rivertown" music originated south of the Yangtze River. The performances on this CD contain an ensemble of instruments including silk strings (pipa, erhu, zheng) and zhu bamboo instruments (bamboo flutes, dizi). This specific genre of chamber music is refined, elegant and graceful. For those seeking the deep-tones of resonance, Shuixiang Sizhu will truly be an engaging experience. This CD features a collection of 15 musical pieces with titles in English and Chinese for you to enjoy!


  1. Turned into a Pair of Butterflies
  2. Girl Ready for Singing
  3. The River Flows
  4. Love Song of Kangding
  5. Nan Ni Wan
  6. Flower Drum of Fengyang
  7. Embroidering a Small Bag for Loved One
  8. Back to My Parents' Home
  9. Jasmine Flower
  10. A Half-Moon is Climbing the Sky
  11. Pick the Betel Palms
  12. The Place where the Peach Blossoms are Out
  13. Pastoral Song
  14. Wild Geese Fly Away
  15. Deep Affection

CD, 15 Tracks
Item: Sound of Silk and Bamboo from Rivertown
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