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Four Seasons in China MCC064


Enjoy the four seasons with these 12 traditional Chinese melodies. Each season is represented by three pieces of music, which embody the activities, emotions, and natural wonders that accompany the season. Traditional instruments provide a "guided tour" and musical celebration to the passing of time. Titles are in English and Chinese.


  1. Spring Festival Overture
  2. Snow in the Sunny Spring
  3. A Bustling Scene of the Lantern Festival


  1. Lotus on the Water
  2. Raindrops Pattering on Banana Leaves
  3. Dragon Boat


  1. Horse Race
  2. A Fisherman's Song in the Evening
  3. The Moon Shining Above


  1. Autumn Night
  2. Listening to the Winds
  3. Enjoying a Happy and Peaceful Life

CD, 12 Tracks
Item: Four Seasons in China
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