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Colors of Water MCC097


With a history of more than 300 years, Su-Zhou Ping-tan is a combination of "Ping Hua" (narrative) and "Tan-Tse" (lyrics). The performing artist sometimes tells a story with pure narrative and sometimes sings with rhymed lyrics. Its origin traces back to the Tang Dynasty and is most popular in southern China. Colors of Water is a reflection of scenes and emtions of a wanderer, which is reflected in the music.


   1. Strange Encounters

   2. Colors of Water

   3. The 13rd Month

   4. Song of the Ferryman

   5. Dancing Misty

   6. Passing By

   7. Blue Stoned Street in Setting Sun

   8. Still Water Runs Deep

   9. Waving Good-Bye


CD, 9 Tracks
Item: Colors of Water
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