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Flower Music CD Series MCC101


A collection of the three flower-themed traditional Chinese melodies. Flower Goddess introduces six flower goddesses, which represent the historical figures. Price is for each CD.
The Plum Blossom, characterized by her unyielding spirit and fortitude, is crowned the national flower of China. in this album, the upright spirit of the blossom is transformed into music of sheer texture. The interwoven sounds of nature and various Chinese string and wind instruments depict the scystal beauty of the plum blossom, blooming under the winter moon, by the solitary stream. Tracks: Plum Blossom - Princess Shoyang
Apricot Blossom - Lady Yang Gui-fei
Peach Blossom - Lady Xi
Peony - Li Bai
Pomegranate Blossom - Zhong Kui
Lotus Blossom - Xi Shi
Based on the Chinese literature, the Waterlily was compared to a man of noble character. To capture its spirit, Shi Zhi-you, the composer of this album fully delineates the unconquerable beauties of varied waterlilies with the Chinese musical instruments. Sounds of birds, insects, and water are also employed in the compositions to add a feel of genuine and natural beauty.
The Unworldly Beauty - The Wild Plum Blossom
Fairy by the Moonlight - The Vermilion Plum Blossom
Queen of the Blossom - The Green-sepaled Plum Blossom
Extreme Beauty - The Yellow Plum Blossom
Fairy of Delicacy - The Blossom of Aged Plum Tree
Twins Lying on One Sepal - The Plum Blossom Couple
Dancing Fairy - The White Waterlily of East Lake
Guest of The Moon - The Yellow Waterlily
Longlasting Glamour - The Ancient Waterlily
Imagge of Majesty - The Buddha-seated Waterlily
Beauty from Water - The Red Waterlily of West Lake
Intertwining Shadow - The Twin Waterlily

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