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The Songs of Mother's Childhood MCS016

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Here's a collection of Chinese children's and folk songs that will especially touch the hearts of Chinese men and women who were still growing up prior to the 1980's. Beautifully performed by Chinese children, this CD collects 14 of the most popular Chinese children's and folk songs of that era, and will remind you - or perhaps your parents - of your youth and childhood. Bring these songs into the next generation by having your children listen to and learn them too! Titles in English and Chinese. To hear a sample clip, click here if you use Firefox. click here if you use Internet Explorer.


  1. Rang Wo Men Dang Qi Shuang Jiang (Let's Sway the Oars)
  2. Ting Mama Jiang Guo Qu de Gu Shi (Mother Told Me Stories)
  3. Wai Po de Peng Hu Wan (Grandmother's Penghu Bay)
  4. Xiang Jian de Xiao Lu (Path in Countryside)
  5. Du Shu Lang(Little Pupil)
  6. Wo Men Shi Gong Chan Zhu Yi Jie Ban Ren (We are the Successor of Communism)
  7. Ge Sheng Yu Wei Xiao (Song and Smile)
  8. Sheng Ri Kuai Le, Ping An Yie (Happy Birthday, Silient Night)
  9. Xiao Yan Zi (Little Swallow)
  10. Chun Tian Nian Nian Dao Ren Jian (Spring Comes Every Year)
  11. San San Hong Xing (Red Bright Star)
  12. Yang Wa Wa, Fen Shua Gong Ren, Fang Xue Ge (Doll, Stucco Worker, Song of Leaving School)
  13. Song Bie (See-off)

CD, 14 Songs
Item: The Songs of Mother's Childhood
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