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Chinese Lullabies MCS022


This first album of the Beijing Angelic Choir provides a different kind of musical experience as far as lullabies are concerned. These childrens' voices are so sweet and delicate that regardless of the differences in language and musical style, these special songs will translate into feelings of tenderness and comfort to anyone in the world. With melodies that have been collected from different regions of China and Taiwan, every song is bound to be another favorite! To hear a sample clip, click here if you use Firefox.Click here if you use Internet Explorer.


  1. You-You-Zha
  2. Clear Moon, Quiet Winds (Northeastern China)
  3. Hammock Hanging Between Betel Trees (Guangdong)
  4. Puyuma Lullaby (Taiwan)
  5. Tu-jia Lullaby (Hunan)
  6. A-ni-qi-er (Hani Tribe, Yunnan)
  7. Kitty, Stop Meowing (Annhui)
  8. Li Lullaby (Hainan)
  9. Lullaby of the Fisherman's Family (Guangxi)
  10. Tibetan Lullaby (Western Tibet)
  11. My Brother, Pu-ru-Lai (Inner Mongolia)
  12. A-lai, Ba-lang-mu (Uigur)

CD, 12 Songs
Item: Chinese Lullabies
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