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Wang Fei's Music MCT021


One of the best known pop singers in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, Wang Fei (also known Faye Wong) sings 15 songs about love and more on this most recent new album. In Mandarin.


  1. Guang Zhi Yi (Light)
  2. Deng Deng(Wait a Minute)
  3. Da Cuo Le(Wrong Number)
  4. You Shi Ai Qing Tu You Xu Ming(Sometime Love is Not Real)
  5. Liu Nian(Old Time)
  6. Ye Hui(Night Clue)
  7. Liu Lang de Hong Wu Xie(Homeless Red Shoes)
  8. Bai Chi(Stupid)
  9. Liang Ge Ren De Sheng Jing(Bibles of Two Persons)
  10. Dan Xin Dao(One Way)
  11. Mi Hun Ji(In the Puzzle)
  12. Se Mang(Color Blind)
  13. Bu Min Fei Xing(Sleepless Flight)
  14. Xin Lu(Heart Road)
  15. Nu Huang de Xin Yi(New Clothes of Queen)
  16. Liu Lang de Hong Wu Xie(Hoemless Red Shoes, Music only)

CD, 16 Songs
Item: Wang Fei's Music
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