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Jazz from Shanghai - Chinese Music MCT036

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One of the oldest and the most popular jazz bands in China, the Shanghai Jazz Orchestra, will introduce you to some old and new jazz music by both Western and Chinese composers.


  1. Shanghai In the Night
  2. Man In The Dream
  3. Side Of Suzhou River
  4. The Song For Lights On Fishing Boat
  5. Pretended Decency
  6. Evening Primrose
  7. Roses, Roses, I Love You!
  8. Please Don't Forget This Night!
  9. Spring In Mountain Zhong
  10. Memories For Autumn
  11. Rosebush Who Blossoms Everywhere
  12. When Will You Come Again?
  13. The Crazy World
  14. Wind In May
  15. Shangri-la

CD, 15 Tracks
Item: Jazz from Shanghai - Chinese Music
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