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Love Songs by Coco Lee MCT046

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Enjoy these love songs by the pop singer Coco. By the end of 1999, Coco already was one of the Asia's biggest pop sensations, with sales topping nearly 7 million albums in Asia alone. It only seemed natural when the much anticipated English-language album, "Just No Other Way", debuted worldwide in 2000, making her the first Chinese singer to go international.


  1. I'm Still your Lover
  2. Da Ying Wo
  3. Nan Fen Nan li
  4. Chang of Heart
  5. Bie Rang Wo Zhen Xin Ai Shang Ni
  6. Love Me Tender
  7. Bo Neng Gei Ni Wen Rou
  8. Shen Shen Ai Guo
  9. Will Always Love You
  10. Ni Ba Wo Guan Zui

CD, 10 Tracks
Item: Love Songs by Coco Lee
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