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Dong Fang - Guang Mang MCT065

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Dong Fang, another complete orchestra band with 10 girls, performs traditional Chinese classics in a contemporary fashion, using traditional Chinese instruments. The CD includes 16 titles of celebration music, great for the New Year parties, weddings or any parties. A bonus VCD of five life performances are included. Get the DVD to enjoy its performance. Titles are in Chinese only.


 CD Tracks:

  1. Guang Mang
  2. Xi Ban Ya Zu Qu
  3. Super Star
  4. Mei Fei Se Wu
  5. Lu Guang
  6. Zhu Lou Qing Ge
  7. Cheng Se De You Huo
  8. Qing Bo luo Zhi Lian
  9. Bei Qu De Hou Niao
  10. Xian Qi Yao Xiang
  11. Qing Chun De Ji Dang
  12. Xuan Dong
  13. Xiou Ying
  14. Cao Yuan Meng Hui
  15. Wu Zhi
  16. Bei Bei Ai Li Lang

VCD Bonus

  1. Guang Mang
  2. Chen Se De You Huo
  3. Bei Qu De Hou Niao
  4. Ren Wu Jie Shao
  5. Mu Hou Hua Xu

1 CD: 16Tracks, 1 VCD: 5 Tracks
Item: Dong Fang - Guang Mang
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