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Singer of Heaven by Cai Qin MCT069

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Cai Qin is one of the most popular Chinese singers. Most of her songs are understated and narrative in style. Unlike many pop stars, her music never feels dated. To learn more about Cai Qin, click here. Titles are in Chinese and English. To hear a sample clip, click here if you use Firefox. Click here if you use Internet Explorer.


  1. Zui Zai Ni de Huai Zhong
  2. Wan Xia
  3. Shen Mi Nu Lang
  4. Hao Chun Xiao
  5. Wo You Yi Duan Qing
  6. Yie Lai Xiang
  7. Jia Jia You Ben Nan Nian de Jing
  8. San Nian
  9. Deng Zhe Ni Hui Lai
  10. Yong Yuan de Wei Xiao
  11. Hao Yu Zhao
  12. Tian Ya Ge Nu


    CD, 12 Tracks
    Item: Singer of Heaven by Cai Qin
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