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Dao Lang -Thank You MCT100


"Dao Lang's popularity came from out of the blue, without any packaging or promotion. He became the center of attraction for the mass media, but for a certain time, none of the media were able to interview him. Speaking of publicity, Dao Lang said: 'It's all too frivolous. I'm afraid it'll take my inspiration away.' Dao Lang gained national prominence in just over a year. He has been called "Wang Luobin of the 21st century" (Wang Luobin was a famous musician who wrote many famous songs based on Uygur folk music). A record company manager said Dao Lang had created a miracle in China's music circles."  To hear a sample clip, click here if you use Internet Explorer. Click here if you use Firefox.


  1. Pi Zhe Yang Pi de Lang
  2. Mei Li de Cao Yuan Wo de Jia
  3. Yan Nan Fei
  4. Pu Lu Fan de Pu Tao Shu Liao
  5. Huai Nian Zhan You
  6. Hua Er Wei Shen Mo Zhe Yang Hong
  7. Zhu Jiu Ge
  8. Tuo Ling
  9. Xin Jiang Hao
  10. A Wa Er Gu Li
  11. Ao Bao Xiang Hui
  12. Cao Yuan Zhi Yie

CD, 12 Tracks
Item: Dao Lang -Thank You
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