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Black Pearls - Liu Jian MCT117


This CD bring you World Music from the "Eastern Indians" of China, a distinctive blend of World Music singing and instrumental performances that blend ethnic Chinese and western instruments, and MIDI. This is an experience that brings you the vocals of Wa Tribe's most gifted singers. An innovative blend of Wa Tribe legend, music and modern music. Titles are in Chinese and English.


  1. Black Pearls 
  2. Fight of Star and Moon
  3. The Girl Named Leaves
  4. From the Heavenly Cave: Part I 
  5. From the Heavenly Cave: Part II
  6. Dance of Wooden Drums
  7. Rites of Blood 
  8. The elders' Judgement 
  9. Swallows

CD, 9 Tracks
Item: Black Pearls - Liu Jian
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