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Sounds of Our Generation - Hao Jiang Tian MCT121


Beijing native Hao Jiang Tian (田浩江) has established himself as one of the most accomplished singers at New York's Metropolitan Opera and across the world's major operatic stages. This CD, "Sounds of Our Generation" (再见小路) is a collection of songs from the 70's that were popular amongst the youth of Beijing and left a long-lasting impact on this generation. Accompanying himself on the accordion and the guitar, Tian sings of the romance and dreams of this tumultuous time and transports us back to that age of passion. Get Tian's DVD From Mao to the Met and the Book Along the Roaring River: My Wild Ride from Mao to the Met

CD Tracks:

  1. Little Lane/小路
  2. Rowan Tree/山楂路
  3. My Dear Mother/我亲爱的母亲
  4. Light/灯光
  5. Harbour Night/海港之夜
  6. Red River Valley/ 红河谷 
  7. Wandering in Wilderness/当我漫游在草原上
  8. Ah, Mama!/哎哟,妈妈 
  9. Song of the Navigator/航标兵之歌
  10. Sweet Memories/往事之能回味
  11. Girl from India/印度姑娘
  12. Restless Youth/歌唱动荡的青春
  13. Blessing you in Silence/默默祝福你

CD, 13 Songs
Item: Sounds of Our Generation - Hao Jiang Tian
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