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The Old Dream Loiters MFM019

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Listen to and enjoy the songs that were popular in China from 1930-1940. This nostalgic CD collects 12 popular songs from the "olden times" that everyone will still enjoy today!


  1. Tian Shang Ren Jian (The world in the sky)
  2. Min Jiang Ye Qu (The nocturne of ming river)
  3. Hua Luo Shui Jia (Who is a winner)
  4. Xi Hu Chun (West lake spring)
  5. Yi Liang Ren (Recall good man)
  6. Wang Shi Zhi Neng Hui Wei (By gone just can aftertaste)
  7. Bai Hua Ge (All flowers song)
  8. Ba Ge Wa Wa (Eight child)
  9. Nu Er Quan (Daughter's circle)
  10. Ying Chun Hua (Winter jasmine)
  11. Feng Yang Hua Gu (The flower drum of feng yang)
  12. Jie Deng Xia (Below streetlight)

CD, 12 Songs
Item: The Old Dream Loiters
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