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Chinese Golden Melodies MFM026

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Enjoy this collection of 20 Chinese folk songs sung by China's best-known folk singers such as Li Shuang Jiang, Yin Xiu Mei, Hu Song Hua, Geng Lian Feng, and more. Titles include "Love Song of Kang Ding", "Alamu Khan", "Half Moon Rises", and more. Titles are in Chinese.


  1. Girls of Dabar City
  2. Mayila
  3. Pastoral
  4. The Embroidery Purse
  5. Ga-er-litai
  6. Love Song of kangdin
  7. A Lovely Rose
  8. Arwaguli
  9. Going to Mom's Home
  10. Lift Up The Bridge's Veil
  11. Together
  12. Alamu Khan
  13. Shenji Dema
  14. A Song For You
  15. Four Seasons
  16. Beautiful Girl
  17. Jasmine Flower
  18. Little Wading Brook
  19. When Chinese Scholartree Flowers
  20. Half Moon Rises

CD, 20 Tracks
Item: Chinese Golden Melodies
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