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Folk Music from Minority Regions MFM044

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Enjoy music from different minority regions such as Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and Yunnan. Each CD collects 14 popular folk songs from each region that represent its culture, people, and scenery. A great collection to experience life in different regions.

Xinjiang Tracks:

  1. Send Me a Rose as a Present
  2. Beat a Tambourine and Sing the Songs
  3. Alamuhan
  4. Girl from Daban City
  5. Lift Your Veil
  6. Xinjiang is Good
  7. Think of the Comrade in Arms
  8. Mayila
  9. Under the Silver Moonlight
  10. Why the Flowers are So Red
  11. Beautiful Girl
  12. Night on the Prairie
  13. Half Moon Climbs Up
  14. At a Place Far Away

Inner Mongolia Tracks:

  1. The Horse Bell is Ringing and Pretty Birds are Singing
  2. Our Emotion is Deep and Friendship Lasts Long
  3. The Sweet Smelling Osmanthus...
  4. We Swear on Our Sacred Marriage
  5. The River is Flowing Smoothly
  6. The Miao Hills and Ridges...
  7. Please Stay My Guest from Afar
  8. Every Flower is Fresh and Shining
  9. The Long Lake Water is Clear and Cool
  10. You can Even Smell the Fragrance...
  11. There is a Beautiful Place
  12. The Melodic Singing...
  13. The Hedge Bamboo in Moon Light
  14. Sewing the Purse

Yunnan Tracks:

  1. Paradise
  2. Rainbow Sister
  3. The Sun Never Falls...
  4. Gadameilin
  5. Senjidema
  6. A Girl Who Tends Sheep
  7. The Beautiful Prairie is my Home
  8. Go to the West
  9. Pastoral
  10. A Paean for the Prairie
  11. Paean
  12. Pastoral on the Prairie
  13. Meet in the Yurt
  14. kangding Love Song

Tibet Tracks:

  1. The Great Himalayas
  2. Highland Barley Wine for Chairman Mao
  3. Golden Sun Above Beijing
  4. Brilliant Light of Snow City
  5. Mount Qomolanma
  6. On the Golden Hill of Beijing
  7. Song of Laundry
  8. Coming back to Lasa
  9. The Qinghai-Xizang Plateau
  10. The Small Hill in Bottle Shape
  11. Friend's Song
  12. Chairman Mao's Brilliance
  13. Entering Tibet
  14. Songs of the Liberated Slaves

4 CDs, 14 Songs Each
Item: Folk Music from Minority Regions
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