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Folk Songs from Shaanxi MFM063

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Enjoy this beautiful CD collection of 15 popular folk songs from Shaanxi province. Each selection illustrates the rich culture and traditions of this province. Titles are listed in both English and Chinese. To hear a sample clip, click here if you use Firefox. Click here if you use Internet Explorer.


  1. Thirty Mile Station
  2. Whip in Live Stock
  3. Blue Flower
  4. Gong to West Gate
  5. Embroider Pouch
  6. Selling Vegetable
  7. Boat Running on Land
  8. Nanniwan
  9. Embroider Gold Plaque
  10. Rural Folk Dance of Supporting Army
  11. Emancipator's Daoqin
  12. Wuge Shepherd
  13. Autumn Harvest
  14. Xiu Tian You
  15. Mountain is Red, Flower Are Colorful

CD, 15 Tracks
Item: Folk Songs from Shaanxi
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