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Popular Songs from 1950's MFM067

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Here is a collection of popular songs from 1950 that will especially touch the hearts of Chinese men and women, who grew up during this period . Beautifully performed in contemporary style, this CD collects 16 of the most popular songs of this era, and will remind you - or perhaps your parents -- of your youth and childhood. To listen to a sample clip, click here if you use Firefox. click here if you use Internet Explorer.


1. My Motherland

2. Hero Tribute

3. Bright Spring Day

4. Meeting in Yurt

5. Song of Caramayi

6. Please Stay Behind, Guest Far Away

7. By the Butterfly Spring

8. Liu Yang He

9. Beautiful Xinjiang

10. The Sweet-Scented Osmanthus Blossom, Happiness Coming

11. Morning Song of Grassland

12. Song Of Herdsman

13. I am Riding Horse to Cross Grassland

14. I am a Soldier

15. Song of Woman Soldier Company

16. Butterfly Love Flower Answering Li Shu Yi

CD, 16 Tracks
Item: Popular Songs from 1950's
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