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Collection of Happy New Year Songs MFM068


Celebrate the New Year with this CD collection of 15 Chinese folk tunes written for that special time of year and anytime when you have special celebrations!


  1. Go back home from time to time
  2. Go back to mother's home
  3. Round moon and beautiful flowers
  4. Blessing
  5. Friends
  6. Really miss you
  7. Love for my hometown
  8. Happy hometown
  9. Colorful clouds chasing after the moon
  10. Clouds from my hometown
  11. Sing happily at the sidehill
  12. Our life is filled with sunshine
  13. Bless my motherland
  14. Wish you safety and peace
  15. Unforgettable tonight

CD, 15 Songs
Item: Collection of Happy New Year Songs
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