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Strolling with Songs MFM072

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Enjoy the songs of miniorities from different provinces and regions in China, including the people of Bulang, Luoba, Dai, Uygua, Tujia, Tajike, Uzbek, Yi, Dawoer, Tibetan, Zhuang, Menba, Kerkezi, Korean, Yugu, Hezhe, Ahchang, Amis, Miao, Russian, Bai, Xibo, Wa, Ewenke, Mongolian, Kazak, Pumi, Tong, Tata, Shui, Dongxing, and more. Titles are in Chinese and English. 


  1. Summer Night in the Mountain
  2. The Forest People
  3. Peacocks of Si-shuang-ban-na
  4. The Spring of a Thousand Teardrops
  5. The Ballad of Tiger Boy
  6. Eagle Dance on the Highland
  7. On the Hillock White Goats Graze
  8. Abduction of the Bride
  9. Si-re-a-bi
  10. Birds Are Flying
  11. On the Way to the Rainbow Waterfall
  12. Frog Gentlemen
  13. Wonderful New Year
  14. The Pamirsi
  15. Ah Li Lang
  16. Weaving Felt
  17. The Huso Sturgeon Skin
  18. The Dance of White Elephants
  19. Amis Love Song
  20. Treading the Flowery Hill
  21. Spring in Lhasa
  22. The Swan-like Bride
  23. Love Searching
  24. The Night Scene of the Festival of March
  25. The Archer of Tienshan Mountain
  26. Spring Love Song
  27.  Home of the Reindeer
  28. Zan-deng-da-la
  29. On the Ninth Day of the Ninth Month
  30. The Wreath of Wild Flowers
  31. Desolation in the Autumn Desert
  32. New Year
  33. Winter in a Family of Tong
  34. The Bride As Pretty As the Autumn Moon
  35. The Appointment in Autumn
  36. The White Peony of My Love

2CDs, 36 Songs
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