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Beautiful Grassland MFM079

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Enjoy this beautiful CD collection of 15 musical selections played by a western music ensemble. Each selection illustrates the beauty of Mongolia, known for its breathtaking landscapes, colorful minorities and intriguing culture. Titles are listed in both English and Chinese. To hear a sample clip, click here if you use Firefox. Click here if you use Internet Explorer. 


  1. Pastoral Song (Mongolian folk song)
  2. Mongolian People (original song from Teng Ge Er)
  3. Rainbow (original song from Tuligu'Er Da Erma)
  4. Beautiful Prairie, My home (original song from Ala Teng Aule)
  5. Gadami Forest (Monglian folk song)
  6. A Lasting Sun Rising from the Prairie (original song from Meili Qige)
  7. I Ride a Horse Through the Prairie (Original song from Luchuan Li)
  8. Horse Race (Original song from Haihuai Mo and Liqun Shen)
  9. Meeting in Aobao (Original song from Yingju Wu)
  10. Night of Prairie (Original song from Tian Ge)
  11. Song for Prairie (Original song from  Tian Ge)
  12. Heaven (Original song from Tian Ge)
  13. Dance music of Elun Chun (Folk Song of Elun Chun)
  14. Sengi-dema (Folk Song of E Er Duosi in Mongolia)
  15. Pastoral Song (Mongolian folk song)

CD, 15 Tracks
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