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Better Chinese - Chinese Festivals CD-Rom SAC006


Learn about Chinese festivals with animated stories in Chinese or in English. This CD-ROM introduces the most important Chinese festivals, such as Chinese New Year, dragonboat festival, moon festival, and more. Featuring animated stories, children will learn the origins of Kitchen God, couplets, Dao Fu and the traditions of sticky rice cakes, Zong Zi, and more. They can listen to the stories in Chinese or English or read them in simplified or traditional Chinese characters or English.

  1. Chinese Lunar Calendar
  2. La Ba Porridge
  3. Seeing off the Kitchen God
  4. The Custom of Sweeping the Dust
  5. Spring Scrolls
  6. Happiness has Arrived
  7. The Story of Nian
  8. New Year's Greetings
  9. Spring Festival - Food
  10. Lantern Festival
  11. The Story of Dragon Boat Festival
  12. Niulang and Zhinue
  13. The Mid-Autumn Festival
  14. Customs Under the Moon
  15. The Legend of the Moon
  16. Children's Song: Best Wishes

CD-Rom, English/Traditonal Simplified Chinese Characters, In Mandarin Chinese, for PC only
Item: Better Chinese - Chinese Festivals CD-Rom
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