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How I Grew Up SBG035


Every famous person was a kid once! These 12 fun bilingual animated stories come from the childhoods of people like Helen Keller and Sima Qian, who inspire kids to follow their dreams.

  1. Little Kid, Big Instrument
  2. Helen Keller
  3. Strong-minded Elaine Chao
  4. Deng Yaping: Winners don't give up
  5. The Story of Edison
  6. Sima Qian
  7. The Queen of the Ice-Chen Tingting
  8. Cow Hand-Zhou Runfa
  9. Star Actress-Zhang Ziyi
  10. Oscar Winner-Ang Lee
  11. Nobel and the Nobel Prize
  12. The Chinese Giant-Wang Zhizhi

CD-Rom, System Requirements:Windows 98 or advanced operating systems, PC or Mac; Animated Stories, Traditional and Simplified Characters, Pinyin, and English; 66 Minutes
Item: How I Grew Up
Our Price:US$ 19.95
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