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Chinese HandWriting Junior SLC022


Pen Power Chinese Handwriting Input System is an easy-to-learn and use device for inputting Chinese characters into a computer system. Characters written on a Pen Power writing pad can be precisely recognized and entered into popular application software packages such as Word and Excel. Inputting Chinese characters into computers has proven challenging over the years. With the popular Xiao Meng Tian (PenPower) HandWriter, you input Chinese by writing characters on a tablet or on the screen of your Palm or Pocket PC. The software will recognize your handwriting and input the corresponding Chinese characters into the computer. It can also translate Chinese into English or English into Chinese!


  • Colorful Pad: Pocket size wireless touch-pad tablet, with a metallic touch and leather-like feel.
  • Intelligent: Learning intelligence capability for more accurate recognition result.
  • Superior Codes: Uses ZhuYin, a dictionary, inner codes for Chinese inputting and recognition
  • Support Multiple Operating System: Support both English and Chinese Windows 98/Me/2000.
  • Superior Recognition: Recognizing traditional, simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, special symbols, and numbers in one application.
  • Full Screen Writing: Writing area is not limited to the inputting box
  • Free Value CD: PenPower Chinese Spell Checker, Transtar Full-Text/Web Translation,
    Penpower Electronic Security Program 5.0 SE


  • English Windows 2000/XP, Chinese Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • For English Windows 98/ME user, please call us at 408-392-0990 for details.
  • Pentium or faster, 32MB RAM, 65MB HD, USB Port
  • Does not work on Windows Vista/7/8

User Manual:

  • English Manual can be downloaded from website
  • Traditional Chinese Manual

User Interface:

  • English
  • Traditional Chinese

English Windows 2000/XP, Chinese Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Item: Chinese HandWriting Junior
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