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Penpower Chinese Expert (Writing Pad Version) SLC058


Penpower Chinese Expert is a complete Chinese learning tool. With the writing pad, you can write or modify any Chinese text easily and use Penpower Chinese Expert for listening comprehension, reading, speaking, writing, and translation. For East Asian languages, handwriting is the most natural way to enter characters into a computer. If you do not know any keyboard-based input methods, such as hanyu pinyin, or zhuyin, then inputting by handwriting is definitely for you.

  • Three Main Interfaces -- The three main user-friendly interfaces are designed to help users access and understand the functions of Penpower Chinese Expert, making learning Chinese easier and faster.
  • Handwriting recognition -- Our software can recognize any stroke order when writing a character - no particular stroke order is required. It can even recognize near-illegible writing. It can also be used together with software application such as Office 2007/XP. You can use the writing pad to edit an existing file or create a new document with ease.
  • Unicode recognition -- Support Unicode system to display Traditional and Simplified Chinese easily.

Product Features:

  • Listening comprehension
    We employ the latest TTS (Text to Speech), and intelligent syntax technology, so you can listen to the correct pronunciation of single characters, phrases or sentences. It can also record pronunciation from real people so you can review real pronunciation at any time. Before long, your ears will be as discriminating as any native Mandarin speakersí. 
  • Reading
    Have trouble reading books, newspapers or magazines on hand? Scan them into PC with our pen scanner, our software will show you everything about unknown Chinese characters such as their pinyin/zhuyin, their radicals, total number of strokes etc. and their meaning in English. You also have on-demand bidirectional English and Chinese dictionary. 
  • Speaking
    With our speech recognition technology, you can practice speaking Chinese phrases or taking quizes with your PC and be confident that you will sound more and more like a native Chinese speaker after each session. 
  • Writing
    We will show you how to write any Chinese character in the correct stroke order. We also provide you with alternative inputting methods for your composing pleasure: You can use hanyu pinyin, zhuyin or strokes when you write an essay or a report in Chinese.  
  • Translation
    We use a state-of-the-art machine translation module for your exploration of the Chinese language. You can translate between Chinese and English by word, phrases or whole sentences. You can learn more by playing more. 

This product is non-returnable.

Writing Area: 2.2" x 1.8", Box Size: 7.1" x 8.9" x 3"
Item: Penpower Chinese Expert (Writing Pad Version)
Our Price:US$ 129.95
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