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The Monkey King - Havoc in Heaven V001


Adapted from the ancient Chinese novel "Journey to the West", this lively animated film depicts one of the most popular of the Monkey King stories - Fighting the Heavenly Army. The Monkey Sun Wukong, cheated and jeered by the heavenly court, revolts and fights his way to earth to assume his rightful place as king. Follow his adventures, as the Emperor sends his army to catch the Monkey King. Your child will have fun watching this movie, and can learn Chinese at the same time! Just think, your child will be watching the same movies as her/his peers in China. This 2-VCD-set is a reproduction of the original animation produced by The Shanghai Animation Film Studios. To learn more about the Chinese traditional epic "Journey to the West", click here. To read a great review of this VCD by Kirby Bartlett-Sloan, click here. For more info or to learn how to use VCDs, click here.

2 VCD, 106 minutes, Chinese
Item: The Monkey King - Havoc in Heaven
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