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Traditional Chinese Music Life Performance (DVD) VCA087

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This music DVD features a life performance of well-known China National Orchestra playing traditoinal Chinese music. 14 pieces of music includes Chinese classics, folk songs, and contemporary music. With Chinese and English sub


Songs Included:
01 My Homeland 我的祖国
02 Why Are The Flowers So Red? 花儿为什么这样红
03 Pathway In The Sky 天路
04 Chrysanthemum 菊花台
05 Ten-Thousand Horses Rush Forth 万马奔腾
06 The Depths Of Night 夜深沉
07 Qin Rhythm 琴韵
08 Moon Reflected On Erquan Spring 二泉映月
09 Swan 天鹅
10 Offering For A Bountiful Year 丰年祭
11 Who Is Playing The Jade Flute In The Sky 谁在长空吹玉笛
12 Yellow River 天下黄河
13 Fine Flowers And Full Moon 花好月圆
14 Entering The New Era 走时新时代

DVD, 57 Minutes
Item: Traditional Chinese Music Life Performance (DVD)
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