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Legends of The Monkey King (VHS or DVD) VCM001


The classic Chinese story, Journey to the West is all about Monkey King, a most unlikely hero, on a most extraordinary journey. This fantastic 72-minute feature will introduce you to the Monkey King - from how he was born and how he became the king of Fruit & Flower Mountain. Children will watch in amazement as Monkey King always fights the forces of evil by using his magic powers given to him by the Sun God. Originally produced in Chinese by CCTV, this series was China's most popular animated television series in 1999. Subsequently co-produced in English by CCTV and CINAR Corporation, all the characters now have their own English voices. Chinese children have known and loved the Monkey King for generations, and now your child can share in the fun and classic adventures of this amazing super hero! ! Please choose from a VHS or DVD.
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"I just couldn't wait to tell you that my 6-1/2 year old son and I watched the Monkey King - Journey to the West video. My son was mesmerized, laughed, and thought the Monkey King was ''cool.'' He wanted to watch it again. It is wonderfully done - exciting and funny for my 6-1/2 year old." - Denise, MD

VHS or DVD, NTSC, 72 Minutes English
Item: Legends of The Monkey King (VHS or DVD)
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