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Grand Auntie And Smarty DVD Series 2 VCT037

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Grand Auntie And Smarty DVD Series 2 include 5 stories:

A Can With Love Air - Ms. Ding, the school teacher, introduces the property of “air” to simple-minded Shawn. Shawn is excited to find out more. This episode illustrates how Grand Auntie and Smarty get involved in Shawn’s learning process, and how he is rewarded at the end.
The Miracle of Meteor Showers - Jing-Jing, being sick with leukemia, wishes to witness the meteor showers. The weather report forecasts rain for the night. Grand Auntie puts out her lucky charm to ward off the rain. Unfortunately, the sky is still too cloudy to see anything. Can Grand Auntie and Smarty help make Jing-Jing’s dream come true in ten minutes before the meteor showers hit?
A Magic Pencil - Sam is down and out by his poor test scores. Just as he is worried about his mother’s reaction, he happens to find a magic pencil that knows the answer to any question. Sam is thrilled with his good fortune not knowing trouble is lurking around the corner.
Hercules Beetle - The King Of Beetles - Smarty finds a stag beetle in the backyard and starts to study its ecological information and how to keep it. Curious Sam catches a Hercules beetle and challenges Smarty's find. A battle between the beetles is about to begin…
Grand Auntie's Treasure - Smarty is trying to find a ball buried by Sam in Grand Auntie’s backyard. Instead, he finds a treasure map that brings back some old memories for Grand Auntie. Is Smarty part of the memory? Is there really treasure and will Grand Auntie be able to share with all?
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DVD, 64-67 Minutes, English Dialogues with English and Chinese Subtitles,1 Region One - North America, NTSC
Item: Grand Auntie And Smarty DVD Series 2
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