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NeZha Conquers the Dragon King (2 DVDs) VCT073


In this story, NeZha fought against the Dragon King bravely in order to save the children and the peasants, and sacrificed his life in the end. The moral of the story is that, like NeZha, we must uphold righteousness and be kind to people. We should never condone evil doing. Instead, we must be benevolent and magnanimous to people. Love makes life beautiful and is the reason and motivation for life to continue.This set of two DVDs comes with a book in English and traditional character. DVD One has the story in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. DVD Two "Let Me Talk" are in three languages with subtitles and Karaoke in Chinese and English. Please note that only non-brand name DVD players can play this DVD. Brand name DVD players will not play this DVD. You also can play this DVD on your PC if your computer is properly equipped.

2 DVDs, In Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese and English with Simplified/Traditional Chinese and English Subtitles, Book: Hardcover, 29 pages, 9.85"x5.6"
Item: NeZha Conquers the Dragon King (2 DVDs)
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