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Qiao Jia Da Yuan (15 DVD) VCV020

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"Qiao Jia Da Yuan", went on the air on February 15th, 2006, is currently one of the most popular CCTV series in China. This set of 15 DVDs contains 45 episodes of the television series, which tells the story of a big business family in Shangxi province from the end of Qing Dynasty to 1930s. Qiao Zhiyong aimed to save China and its people by practicing and expanding his business, while enduring hardships and struggles from wars, business competitors, family conflicts. Qiao Jia Da Yuan - Qiao Courtyard was the original film shooting site of Raising Red Lantern, directed by Zhang Yimou. Here is more information about this courtyard. In Mandarin Chinese.

DVD, 45 Epsiodes, in Mandarin Chinese
Item: Qiao Jia Da Yuan (15 DVD)
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