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The Lin Family's Shop (DVD) VCV029


In 1931, against the backdrop of a nation-wide anti-Japanese boycott following Japan's invasion of Manchuria, Mr. Lin (Xie Tian), a local shopkeeper in a small town in Zhejiang Province, comes under pressure to pay a bribe to the local Kuomintang official so that he can continue to sell Japanese goods by concealing them under Chinese brand names. In order to raise funds to pay the bribe and to settle his own debts, Mr. Lin undercuts his fellow business competitors and misuses the funds entrusted to him by small-time investors seeking to earn interest on their meagre savings.  Facinating fictional look at corruption in China during that time.

DVD, 83 minutes, Mandarin Chinese, with Chinese and English subtitles.
Item: The Lin Family's Shop (DVD)
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