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Genghis Khan (6 DVDs) VCV031


The fame of Chinese general Genghis Khan and how he rose to lead the Mongol Empire is one of the reknowned events in history. In this DVD box set of thirty episodes, Genghis Khan sets to join the army, then becoming a leader of the army who leads his troops to conquer the five independent tribes of Northeast Asia. After unifying the country, he begins his ambitious plan of conquering the world by leading his troops throughout Mongolia, Eurasia, Moscow, Poland, Hungary and the Ukraine. This series illustrates the life of Genghis Khan as a ordinary man who through extraordinary ambition and hard work becomes one of the most famous men in history.

6 DVDs, 30 Epsiodes, 1 Epsiodes: 45 Minutes, Chinese and English Subtitles
Item: Genghis Khan (6 DVDs)
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