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Who Decide My Youth (12 DVDs) VCV047

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32 episodes of TV drama series Who Decide My Youth is directed by Zhao Baogang, one of the most popular TV drama directors in China. Learn about Chinese youth's daily life in modern China, they should choose their own life style or listen to their parents' adives? In any girl's life, their mother tries to play the role of control and dictation. Mothers strongly believe little girls' idealism will turn into disastrous defeat to their experimentalism. Parents are competing with their children in mastering their youthful years. Youth just comes, while confusion follows. How should we choose, to the left or to the right? Should we stick to our own thought or compromise with our parents? It could not be always plain sailing in everyone's growth. Maturity is gained at some cost. In Mandarin Chinese, subtitled in Chinese only. Please note that only non-brand name DVD players can play this DVD. Brand name DVD players will not play this DVD. You also can play this DVD on your PC if your computer is properly equipped.

12 DVDs, 32 Episodes, 42 Minutes/episode, In Mandarin Chinese with Chinese
Item: Who Decide My Youth (12 DVDs)
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