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The Herdsman VCV054

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In 1980, Xu Jingshan, an old overseas Chinese entrepreneur returns to China from America. In Chilechuan in the northwest of China, he finds his son, Xu Ling Jun, who works in a pasture. He decides to bring his son to America so that he can succeed to his heritage. But his son feels reluctant to leave the pasture and his work. During the 30 years in the past, he was grown up from an orphan to a rightist. It was other neighboring herdsmen who cared and helped him live up. He got married and had children, and works as teacher. He couldnt possibly depart from the past. Seeing this, Xu Jingshan tries to understand his son and they finally get on well with each other as a father and son. It was published as one of the Follow Me in Chinese series with Chinese and English subtitles. In Mandarin Chinese, Subtitled in Chinese and English.

DVD, 100 Minutes, In Mandarin Chinese, Subtitled in Chinese and English. NTSC
Item: The Herdsman
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