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A Story of Lala's Promotion VCV067


Sharing the same source material as Xu Jinglei's blockbuster urban comedy Go Lala Go!, Mainland drama series A Story of Lala's Promotion is also adapted from the bestselling Chinese novel by Li Ke published in 2007. A funny and inspiring story about the typical middle-class youngsters in China today, the book is so hot that it has already spawned two sequels and a stage play besides the film and television adaptations. The TV version stars up-and-coming actress Wang Luodan (Who to Decide My Youth) as our white-collar heroine Du Lala, a charming administrative assistant fresh from college who works her way up in a big multinational corporation in Shanghai. Through much trials and tribulations, she begins to understand what it takes to survive on the office battlefield, and the delicate art of balancing career and romance. A Story of Lala's Promotion boasts a stellar cast that consists of Mainland heartthrob Li Guangjie and popular Hong Kong actresses Cecilia Yip, Rain Li, and Flora Chan. With Taiwan's TV hitmaker Chen Ming Zhang (You're My Destiny) at the helm, the ingredients that make a successful idol drama, such as some captivating romantic entanglements and a biting sense of humor, are guaranteed.


6 DVDs, In Mandarin Chinese with Chinese subtitle, PAL Picture Format, All Region
Item: A Story of Lala's Promotion
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