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Xingyi Eight-form Boxing (DVD) VDT018

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Literature has eight parts of composition and wushu has eight forms. Xingyi Eight-form Boxing is a traditional routine, which is the most well-known in the country. The whole routine not only includes Shop (Pi), Drill (Zuan), Snap (Beng), Cannon (Pao) and Crossut (Heng) of the Xingyi Five-element Boxing (Xingyi Wuxing Quan) but also adds the moves of horse-style, cock-style, crane-style, the fights of tiger against dragon and so on. Routine exercise should emphasize the force of applying the eight forms; the bodywork of backing before advancing, to right before to left and saving before applying; the fullness, firmness and integrity of strength applying. Demonstrated and explained by Di Guoyong, national first-level Wushu judge, President of the Xingyi Quan Research Committe of Beijing Wushu Association. In Mandarin Chinese, with English and Chinese subtitles.

DVD, 55'38".
Item: Xingyi Eight-form Boxing (DVD)
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