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Juvenile Wushu Series (DVD) VDT019


The basic skills of Chang Quan (Long-style boxing) are the foundation for practicing boxing. They include the hand form, hand technique, footwork, foot form, leg techniques and so on. Practice the basic skills and basic movements more often to improve pliability, speed, endurance, and other physical qualities. The whole routine of Cudgel Play can be divided into two segments, consisting of 17 forms, with many kinds of cudgel techniques, such as circle cudgel, pull cudgel, tilt cudgel, poke cudgel and uppercut with cudgel. The movements are natural and simple, the attack and defend techniques are well arranged and regarded as the standard in this field. When practicing, the body and weapon must be coordinated; the movement must be done rapidly and forcefully. Both DVDs are demonstrated and explained by Zhang Lihui, the 5th Degree Dan of Chinese Wushu and First-class Athlete. In Mandarin Chinese, with English and Chinese subtitles. Price is for each DVD.

Item: Juvenile Wushu Series (DVD)
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