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Becoming American - A Chinese Experience (4 VHS) VVC008

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What does it mean to become an American? What is lost and gained, both personally and culturally, when one sheds part of one's heritage to make way for a new self-identity? Broadcasted on PBS, this powerful Bill Moyers documentary explores these questions through the dramatic experience of the Chinese in America. Beginning with the harsh conditions at home that drove thousands to seek their fortunes in the California Gold Rush, this fascinating saga traces the ongoing struggle of Chinese immigrants and their descendants to be fully accepted as Americans even as they continue to contribute to the life and success of the country. Told in three installments, the story is complemented by a series of ''Personal Journeys'' - Bill Moyers' candid conversations with prominent Chinese Americans. 6 Hours on 4 VHS cassettes. To learn more about this series, such as click here.

4 VHS (NTSC, North America Standard), 6 Hours
Item: Becoming American - A Chinese Experience (4 VHS)
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