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One Day in Ping Wei VVC026


What is life like... in China? Narrated in both English and Chinese (with subtitles) , "One Day in Ping Wei" follows a young Chinese girl as she goes through an average day. From home to school, interaction with parents and friends, chores and homework, all is captured in colorful detail to give an understanding of what life is like for a little girl in China. "One Day in Ping Wei "is a wonderful look at a day in the life of a little girl in a rural Chinese village. It's a gift to the many Chinese children who have been adopted and now live in the United States,"-- Rosemary Bowler, Ph.D., Co-Author "Learning to Learn". "...an extraordinary look at the modern Chinese village form a child's perspective," --Pam Wheaton Shorr, Emmy Award winning Children's Television Producer. Also get the New Year in Ping Wei.

DVD, 30 minutes
Item: One Day in Ping Wei
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