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Chinese Folk Art (6 DVDs) VVC038

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Thanks to a long history, splendid culture, many nationalities and profound ideologies, the Chinese people have produced abundant folk art. This TV series shares the essence of folk art traditions by focusing on the details and the story behind this colorful culture. 6 DVDs, in Mandarin Chinese.

  1. The Chinese Acrobatics
  2. Chinese Cheongsams
  3. Chinese Nuo Dance
  4. Chinese Lion Dance
  5. Chinese Embroidery
  6. Chinese Kites
  7. Chinese Clay Figurines
  8. Chinese Paper-cuts
  9. Chinese Puppetry
  10. Chinese Pottery and Porcelain
  11. Chinese Yangge Dance
  12. Chinese Leather Silhouette Show
  13. Chinese Folk Songs

6 DVDs, Mandarin Chinese
Item: Chinese Folk Art (6 DVDs)
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