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Chinese Scenery DVD Series VVC052


Chinese Scenery DVD series captures some of the most stunning scenery in China. DVD Mount E Mei/Lijiang River/Mount Wuyi/Mount Tai brings to life the beauty of Mount E Mei, the particular attraction of the Lijiang River, the soaring height of Mount Wuyi and Mount Tai. DVD Mount Huang/Kanasi/Zhangjiajie illustrates the loftiness of Mount Huang, the natural landscape of Kanasi in Xinjiang province, and the forest abundance of Zhangjiajie. DVD Mount Heng/Jiuzhaigou/Mount Lu shows the majestic beauty of Mount Heng, the dense vegetation of Jiuzhaigou and the unusual waterfalls of Mount Lu. DVD Qinghai Lake/Mount Hua/Lijiang provides a beautiful landscape of the biggest enclosed lake and salt-water lake Qinghai, the steepness and dangerousness of Mount Hua and the complicated and diversified landform of Lijiang which was acknowledges by UNESCO to be the list of World Heritage. Price is for each DVD.


01 黄山
02 喀纳斯
03 张家界
04 恒山
05 九寨沟
06 庐山
07 青海湖
08 华山
09 峨眉山
10 漓江
11 武夷山
12 泰山

DVD, In Mandarin, with Chinese & English Subtitles, Length 60-80 minutes each.
Item: Chinese Scenery DVD Series
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