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Chinese Knots (DVD) VVC085


Chinese knots, also known as an unique folk handicraft woven arts, is full of special oriental charm and ever-changing variations. The exquisitely symmetrical knots that come in so many forms are as profound as the great cultural heritage of China. Its exquisite patterns represent Chinese ancient civilization, human growing and multiplying, as well as the mysterious maths play. With complicated and prolonged curves, knots can be restored into the simplest two-dimensional lines. With beautiful patterns and colors, names of Chinese knots originate from their lifelike shapes such as coiling knot, caisson knot and double-coin knot, etc. They reflect Chinese ancient cultural beliefs, profound religious connotations, and are often used to express good wishes like truth, kindness and beauty. In Mandarin Chinese and English with Chinese and English Subtitles.

4 DVDs, 184 Minutes, In Mandarin Chinese and English with Chinese and English Subtitles, NTSC
Item: Chinese Knots (DVD)
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